Using Physical Exercise to Restore Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Balance

One of my clients laughed at me the other day when I told her that we would only be training the right side of her body during her training session. “What about my left side,” she exclaimed! “I don’t want to be lop-sided!” What my client didn’t know was that she was ALREADY lop-sided—emotionally. During her physical fitness assessment I noticed that she had tremendous strength and balance on the left side of her body, but her right side was much weaker. On her left side she was able to perform more repetitions, and lift much heavier weight. When we performed stabilizing exercises or core exercises her right side often fell first where as her left side was able to hold the position longer. After assessing her, most trainers would credit her imbalance to a general muscle deviation or lack of strength on that side, and all of those assumptions may very well be part of the imbalance. However, as a wellness coach and a master reiki energy therapist I had to delve a bit deeper. After the assessment was over I asked her a couple of rather personal questions. What I discovered was that my client was having issues in her relationship with her male counter-part, and she had also recently lost her grandfather who had been the father figure in her life. Emotionally my client was suffering. Her weakness on her right side was the physical manifestation of her emotional suffering. FYI: We often suffer emotionally long before there are any physical symptoms. More often than not the physical symptoms come so that we can immediately turn our attention with in, since we are accustomed to ignoring our feelings, and “getting on with it.” Metaphysically/spiritually speaking, our right side represents our masculine energy. Sometimes, when we feel pain, discomfort, and weakness in one side or another it can be an indication that our emotional issues are becoming chronic. Once we receive the physical signal we are forced to explore our emotions more thoroughly. When we find the root of our discomfort by sorting through our emotions and mental patterns we can begin to heal ourselves at depth. An in depth approach to healing will insure longer positive results versus trying to bandage or “fix” an external problem. Does it take longer? Most of the time it does. Will it be more uncomfortable? Probably. But, at least you know you have rectified the problem on all three levels—mind—body—and spirit. Furthermore, you are empowered, because you now have clarity on the underlying issues which may be causing external discomfort. As for my client, she’s not lop-sided. She is becoming more aligned. That one session dedicated to her right side was just an opening for deeper healing. Pay attention to your body when it speaks (aches, twitches, sensations), and if you have any knowledge of the metaphysical anatomy use it to find underlying or root causes for discomfort. If you don’t, visit this blog often, as I’ll be posting what I have been blessed to learn.


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