Reiki: A Perfect Way to Heal & A Wonderful Way to Grow

I was introduced to reiki about five years ago. My roommate was a spiritual life coach and a “psychic healer.” While living there I would watch and listen to his sessions. I found his healing philosophies to be very interesting and in most cases I agreed with them. What I was skeptical about was this “hands on healing” business that he referred to as reiki. How can someone put there hands on some one and cure them? I thought it was bogus. However after watching many clients come in with discomfort and leave feeling somewhere in between better and great, I begin to pay more attention. When a specific client came in for a series of reiki sessions to treat a very chronic pain condition I made sure that for each of her sessions I was available to “assist.” Like the other clients who had come to him she got better. What I noticed about the clients who received reiki was that they were not only relieved of physical discomfort, I noticed that they began to make changes in other areas of their lives as well. It was then that my roommate informed me that reiki was not only a “hands-on” healing modality that treated physical symptoms, but that reiki was also used to heal emotional wounds, cognitive/mental disorders, as well as help everyday people achieve tangible goals. After a year of being a disciple of reiki I soon ventured to become a massage therapist. I had already acquired certifications in personal training and wellness coaching. I choose to study massage therapy because I felt my fitness clients would benefit from more extensive bodywork. I was sure to choose a school, and a program that incorporated both western massage techniques and eastern massage techniques. I was fortunate to find Florida College of Natural Health in Pompano Beach Florida. Their program provided exactly what was looking for. Not only did I learn more about reiki. I also learned other eastern modalities such as shiatsu, reflexology, acupressure, cranial sacral therapy, and so much more. According to my professors I was more of an energy therapist. They suggested that I study reiki in depth. After I graduated from the program I took my professors advice. Over a three year time span I completed reiki 1, 2, 3, and became a reiki master/teacher. For me reiki was and still is a journey of self discovery, authenticity, and SELF mastery. What I discovered is as I become better those around benefit from that energy and thrive as well. The truth about reiki is that it can work for any one who is open and receptive to the powerful healing energy of the Divine. The Japanese refer to that energy Ki. The very word reiki means—Rei/God’s Wisdom, and Ki/life force or power; and this is exactly how I experience reiki. I—myself get out of they way, and I allow my mind to become subservient to the highest power, which is God. When I surrender myself/ego I become a vessel in which divine wisdom and power can flow, and it is from that place that I facilitate reiki treatments and attunements. What I love about reiki is that it is pure energy, and it cannot be misused for negativity. It is only used to heal. We can all draw upon the healing energy of reiki when we allow ourselves to surrender our ego—thoughts, judgments, prejudices, beliefs, etc., and become willing to let God flow in and through us. Once God is circulating freely with in, anyone we touch will inevitably receive a healing. For more stories on reiki and wholeness visit me here often.



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