Daily Affirmative Prayer by Nadirah Aqueelah Shakir

Have you ever wondered how to pray? Have you ever been apprehensive about praying? Have you ever wondered who and what you may be praying to? I think at some point in our lives we all have. Prayer can be different things for all of us, but in it’s simplicity prayer is simply aligning our minds and hearts with the Divine. We may call the Divine God, Allah, Buddah, Krishna, Goddess, Jehovah, or whatever. The truth is God answers and shows up by the name that we call it. What do you require in your life at this moment? Do you require peace? If so call on God as Divine Peace. Do you need money? Call on God as the Supreme Provider or Divine Substance. Do you require love and acceptance? If so call forth Divine Love. Remember God is all there is, and all that there will ever be. Connect with God by opening your mind, body, and heart to all the Power that God is. When you pray, join minds with God. In other words concentrate on the name that you are calling God, and give thanks in advance for the assistance of The Divine; because once you connect All-Mighty God takes action.


Below is a simple prayer to assist you in making contact with The Divine.  Have a blessed one! Nadirah A. Shakir


Divine Love flows through me.

Order my thoughts, actions, words, and reactions so that I become a reflection and expression of your pure, bright light. Divine Love help me release all thoughts of lack, limitation, fear, false-judgment, and grudge-fullness so that I can move speedily into your free flow of abundance.

Divine Wisdom is my guide.

Speak into my heart, mind, and soul. Let me become sensitive and obedient to your voice, and your direction.  Help me make wise choices and decisions for a richer, orderly, and peace-filled life. Help me break the chains of confusion, and procrastination. Make me a fearless and strategic thinker so that I can create for myself the prosperous life, the life that is natural, the life that you ordained for me.

Divine Power strengthens me from my core.

Give me the strength that I need to carry out the vision that you have placed in my heart. Give me the courage that I need to cast away all fear and doubt. Give me the discipline I need to stay on course.

Divine Substance provide for me

Place everything I need to live a prosperous life in my path. Give me this day and every day my daily bread. Place in my path all of my necessities, and the desires of my heart. Send to me helping angels, creative ideas, a free flow of interest free cash money, perfect health, working relationships, and jobs that not only provide in abundance but work that is pleasing and honorable to YOU.

This is the prayer that I pray today. This is the prayer that I accept today. In the powerful name of All-Mighty God I declare it to be so. Amen.




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