A Spiritual Approach to Cardio

People always ask me why do I do so much cardio. My answer is always the same..I love it. I actually started working out in high school in an aerobics class, and I’ve been going every since. Some days when I’m short on time and don’t have the luxury of doing my weight training AND my cardio I always opt for my cardio. I make sure I do 45 minutes to an hour. Not only does cardio keep you lean it’s also great for heart health. Being a student and a practitioner of the metaphysical anatomy makes me look at everything spiritually including my training regimen. Knowing that the heart is the center of our being prompts me to take better care of it.We hold all of our memories, and experiences in our heart space. Spiritually speaking our heart which is representative of our sub conscious is what drives us in life. So when I am working out i.e., doing cardio I go into somewhat of a meditation. I ask God to purify my heart and I imagine that the cardio session is doing just that.When you engage in cardiovascular activity you have to breathe, and when you breathe rhythmically and consciously you come into a greater awareness of your heart space. Breathing helps you detoxify your body, as well as connect with your center or in this case your heart. So the next time you dread doing cardio, approach it from a metaphysical perspective. Imagine each session is helping you purify your heart space!


2 thoughts on “A Spiritual Approach to Cardio

  1. Zina Buffkin

    Thank you for your recent FB friends request. I’m a firm believer that the Universe sends those particular spirits into our lives at the time It feels we most need it. I enjoyed reading your blog and I definitely would love to connect with you to further discuss metaphysical cardio/training. I’ll be in touch sister spirit! Namaste’!

    • nadirahhealtheenetwork

      The pleasure is all mine. Your face popped up as a suggested add next to many, and I requested you…so excited about the future friendship. In the meantime I am happy that you can benefit from the wellness information that God is sharing through me with the world. Many blessings, and thank you for your comment.

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