Suggestions for Healing Lower Back Discomfort

So many people complain about pain in the lower back. When the lower back is in pain their could be a multitude of things that need to be addressed. First and foremost you might want to consider strengthening the abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles are the supporting muscles of the lower back. The second thing to consider are the hamstring and gluteal muscles. People who have weak glutes and hamstrings are more likely to experience back pain. As a massage therapist I notice that my clients who have seated jobs like teachers, secretaries, or police officers who carry heavy items around their waist are more prone to lower back pain. If none of the following are factors i.e., weak abs, glutes, hamstrings, or work-related then you should monitor your stress level. (Metaphysically speaking symptoms of lower back pain correlate with emotional and financial stress.) Weather you believe in the metaphysical claims or not it would only be beneficial to train the abdominal muscles as well as the above mentioned muscle groups to counter act lower back pain. You may also want to incorporate a spiritual affirmation such as:” I have a strong core. The Universe supports me and conspires with me for my highest good. I am supported by the Divine.” Repeating and enteranalizing this affirmation or coming up with one that suits you while you focus on your lower back AND exercise, strecth, and massage those muscles groups mentioned above should provide some relief. Until next time. Treat yourself to a wonderful massage!


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