Light Therapy & Healing

Ancient healers used light therapy to heal the body of sickness and disease. Modern healing practitioners such as myself still use this very easy and affective method of healing as well. I like to think of white light as the pure energy of the Holy Spirit. When I am using light to create balance in my own body, I often start with white light. This can be done by simply meditating on white light or you can use a candle to help you stay focused, as some may find it difficult to capture an image of white light mentally in the beginning. Breathing deeply, while mentally focusing on the white light will immediately bring calm to your body and your spirit. You can use the white light of your mind to wash your body internally and externally by simply choosing an area of concern with in your body and mentally placing the light there. Hold the white light in the area of concern and breathe. As you inhale imagine that you are pulling the “growth, discomfort, pain, irritation, etc. out of your body. As you exhale imagine that you are breathing new, healing energy into the area of concern. You may also find it helpful to invoke a higher spiritual power of your choice such as Goddess, Christ, Allah, Buddha or whomever you feel positively spiritually connected to. Allow your self to be fully present for the experience. This mean finding a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be interrupted for about 10 minutes. After you are done with the meditational-healing, wrap your self in the healing white light mentally, and embrace it throughout your day affirming all is well.

Below is a simple affirmation of healing that you can use daily from Nadirah A. Shakir to you. Be blessed.

“The healing light of Pure Spirit resides in me. It circulates throughout my entire body easily and effortlessly. It dissolves all blocks, growths, and discomfort. I express that purity and power right now. Thank you Pure Spirit.”


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