Overcoming The Green-Eyed Monster

Overcoming The Green-Eyed Monster

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach when someone has something that you want? Have you ever wished they lost it, or that something bad happens to them so that they loose what they have? Sounds ugly doesn’t it? But the truth is, it happens. People get a bad case of green eyes and all types of negative thoughts and emotions fill their minds regarding the person who has acquired or accomplished what they desire. Why does this happen? Sadly, it happens because people don’t believe that they can accomplish their dreams. They don’t believe that they are worthy of what they want. In more severe cases they don’t believe that they have what it takes. What if we all believed in ourselves? What if we believed that we deserved the desires of our hearts, and what if we understood divine time and divine expression. We are all so different, and even on the surface where similarities may be seen in the spiritual realm there is so much mystery to one soul pattern. We have different skills, talents, body types, aspirations, motives, and dreams. Our uniqueness is what sets us apart. In a world where social media promotes “sameness”, it’s sometimes difficult to discern what it is that one really wants. When certain looks, and lifestyles are promoted as popular our uniqueness is quickly degraded and we find ourselves pursing things that we don’t even want. This creates a monster within—a severely unhappy state in which one is in inner turmoil with one self. How can the monster be healed? The green-eyed monster can be healed when the individual goes with in for clarity, and accepts the truth that the clarity will reveal. Often times when we go with in, we come back out realizing that the things that we have been pursuing for so long aren’t even the things that we desire. They are things that our parents desired for us, that a spouse desired for us and some where along the way we agreed to it. They are things that we submitted to in order to keep friendships, social status, jobs, and money. The green eyed monster will not be able to live with in us when we accept our individuality, and we accept that everything happens in divine time. Staying focused daily on the task at hand and accepting the divine guidance of the holy spirit often puts one at peace with oneself and all that surrounds her; and where there is peace, monsters cannot reside.

You are a unique expression of Al-Mighty God. Find what you are good at. Pursue it. Do it with love, and stay focused on your relationship with yourself and God; and know your time will come so there is no need for “jea-LOUSY.” Thou shalt not covet—10th commandment.

Peace and a multitude of blessings, Nadirah A. Shakir


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