Grounding Yourself for Optimal Health

sand in hand

“Grounding Yourself for Optimal Health”

Do you ever feel like your life is going so fast that you just can’t keep up? Sure you have! That’s called life! Often times, when we feel this surge of energy, or this exhilarated flow of life speeding up, things are more than likely going well. The Universe has/is providing for us new opportunities for further growth and success. In some cases there can be a series of stressors that have our head spinning as well. In any event, when life starts to go so fast that you just can’t keep up, go ahead a give yourself permission to slooooow down.

How can you slow down? You can slow down by engaging in an activity that grounds you. A grounding activity is an activity that you do where you become fully present in that moment. It slows the heart rate down. It relaxes the mind, and the muscles of the body also become relax. In other words, you become fully present in the moment. For me, getting out into nature helps me ground myself. The sea has a calming effect on me that relaxes my entire muscular and nervous system. There’s an exercise that I like to do when I visit the sea. I like to consciously connect with the rhythm of the ocean—the waves, and then I like to breathe with the moving water. I can’t began to tell you how wonderful I feel after about five minutes of doing this. I also like to play in the wet sand–pushing my feet into the mud—making mud balls—carving my name into the sand. I find that doing something silly like playing in mud helps me nurture my inner child which is very grounding! One way to quickly become grounded is to forfeit all the seriousness of adulthood and let your child play! For others, a walk under a full moon, or the warm sun may be grounding. Baking a cake or making love with a partner who you share a wonderful connection with can be healing. Praying, deep breathing, a great workout, running, talking to a therapist or a coach, journaling, and list goes on and on and on! You know yourself best, so do what works for you. If you are not accustomed to grounding yourself try my two personal favorite—journaling about your feelings, and taking a solitary trip to the sea. Either of these activities will provide the healing-reflective space for you to remember and conger up new ways to ground yourself.

I wish you peace today and everyday. Nadirah A. Shakir


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