Learn To Love Your Period

Learn To Love Your Period. It is NOT a Disease.

I was getting my eye brows waxed the other day in the nail shop when I over heard a conversation that a mother and daughter was having. “This damn pill ain’t working,” the daughter hissed at her mother. The mother looking empathetically at her daughter begin flipping through her purse in search of a STRONGER pill. “Here take two of these,” the mother said, handing the pills to her daughter. I dropped my head so low I almost messed up my wax job. The daughter swallowed the two pills and settled herself in the chair next to me waiting for the comfort of the pills to kick in as nail tech started to clip away at her cuticles. I looked at her, and she looked back at me. I smiled empathetically, and she opened—“I hate my period!” I smiled again, understanding that most women feel this way. I wanted to say so much to her, but I could tell she was frustrated. I could also tell that she had become accustomed to taking drugs to minimized her menstrual cramps and other symptoms that may be due to her monthly menses. So I held my tongue.

I remember back in high school when I used to get cramps associated with my period. On one particular day I told my physical education instructor that I would not be participating in any physical activities because I was cramping. HE told me that exercise, and foods rich in minerals especially potassium, would off-set menstrual cramps. In other words he was telling me that my cycle was not an excuse to sit out an entire class period. I listened to my instructor and I went into the locker room and got dressed and then got physical. In almost no time my cramps were gone, and I didn’t cramp at all any more that month. After I noticed the difference I began to get more active as a way of life, and must say that even today I do not have menstrual cramps, very little water retention unless my diet is completely off target, and my period is still regular. I DO, however have chocolate cravings, so I will treat myself to some dark chocolate during my cycle, but that’s about it.

All of the hormonal craziness that is believed to be associated with our period is really NOT craziness at all. Essentially this “craziness” is really womens’ intuition, and spiritual and emotional connectedness to herself and her surroundings. When a woman is on her period she is more intuned with herself, nature, and the Holy Spirit. This craziness is not really craziness at all, but is a surge of spiritual/kundalini energy that is emerging from her womb and circulating through AND out of her body, and yes I do experience this. Most women, like my sisters in the nail shop have not been taught that their period is a blessing as opposed to a curse, so they buy into and believe that they are “crazy” at this time, when in fact they are more in tune with them-selves and the world around them. In addition to that, most women have not been taught how to harness that kundalini energy around the time of their cycles so they become scattered and thrown off kilter. It is wise for women to take special care of them selves year round, but especially during their periods. Moderate exercise, prayer, meditation, deep breathing, back, hand, and feet massages are wonderful during this time, and a diet rich in minerals can do well to comfort the spirit of women on their menses, and yes, eating dark chocolate under a beautifully lit moon will do wonders for grounding your energy and calming your mind. So…the next time your period comes on rub your tummy and welcome it, and if you have a significant other have them rub your tummy, and then rub your feet and welcome it too!

Blessings, Nadirah A. Shakir


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