The Benefits of Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a sports massage technique that assist in the release of knots, lactic acid, and other toxins that are stored in the muscles due to weight training and cardiovascular activity.

Many people experience aches/pain in the lower back, knees, and up under the scapula area, and they automatically assume that it is something severe, or a type of “syndrome,” when in actuality foam rolling may be all they need—on a consistent basis of course.

In particular if the muscles of the IT band, hamstrings, and glutes, become too tight you can experience things like numbness in the legs and feet, knee pain, and lower back pain. What happens is the muscles become so tight that they can compress nerves. Compressed nerves can contribute to tingling sensations, as well as numbness, acute and chronic pain. Joint pain, particularly in the knees is caused by a super tight IT band.

Foam Rolling is secondary to massage therapy, and it is very affective if it is done in conjunction with a stretching regimen. I would also recommend that you foam roll AFTER your workout–because the muscles are warm, and blood is circulating throughout the body. This will aid in the detoxification process. I would also recommend that you drink plenty of water after you foam roll. This will help you eliminate more toxins from the body.

Train smart! Don’t forget to foam roll!

Nadirah A. Shakir


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