Allow The Light of God to Shine Through You

Allow The Light of God to Shine Through You

We are all perfect expressions of God. We have been put here on the planet to carry out specific assignments at specific times. We are endowed with gifts, talents, physical attributes, strengths, and interests; and we shine like the light that God is when we are in that natural flow of expression.

What does that mean? This means that we do not allow our ego to block Gods flow. When we allow ourselves to BE who we are, we are allowing God to express through us. In other words we are dimming Gods’ light when we are stuck in self-denial, self judgment, and dis-belief in ourselves.

Have you ever saw a person who looked dull and/or lack luster? Perhaps this persons’ energy was low, or turbulent in some way. This stagnation can be linked to inner conflict about how this person wants to show up in life i.e., express his/herself.

We’ve all been there. There has been a point in our lives when we are doing one thing but desiring to do another. We may be stuck at a job that we do not like. We may be stuck in a relationship that we wish to dissolve. We may even have issues with our finances or our health. These are all temporary issues that can be remedied as soon as we make the conscious decision to ALLOW God’s light to shine through us.

How do we do this? The first thing we must do is simply stop fighting what is. In other words we should surrender. We must be willing to let go of the life we know, stop caring about what others think about us, and become willing to live our truth. We must be willing to release jobs, friends, family, titles, and possessions. The second thing we must do is listen. We must seek out the counsel of the Holy Spirit and listen. You can hear the Holy Spirit best in the silence. I suggest you set apart some quiet time for meditation, and journaling. I like to couple these two—meditation, and journaling because I like to write down what I am hearing during meditation. After you listen you have to obey. Obeying what you hear can be difficult because more than likely it will be something that you are apprehensive about. It could be that it is something that you’ve done before and the results were deplorable, and now Spirit is leading you to do it again. Remember you are different now, and also take into consideration that there is something called Divine-Time, and Divine-Order.

Allowing Gods’ light to shine through you is in essence a personal commitment that you make to live authentically. Shining does not mean that we become rich and famous, although there is a possibility; essentially shining means that we have a healthy glow or a vibrant aura around us as a result of allowing God to express Itself through us without judgment. We are channels. God is the light that wants to shine through you.

Just be you, and the light will come bursting through!

Blessings, Nadirah A. Shakir


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