Water Is Magic! Have Some!

“Water Is Magic! Have Some!”

8 reasons to drink more water:
1. Water aids in the purification/detoxification of the body.
2. Water aids in digestion.
3. Water helps to maintain a healthy and natural ph balance within the body.
4. Water increases metabolism, and helps the body release fat, and extra weight.
5. Water helps you maintain clear and healthy skin, because you are getting rid of bacteria and other toxins.
6. Water gives you energy by keeping you hydrated.
7. Water helps you to feel full. Lots of times we eat when we are thirsty. If we stay hydrated during the day we will be less likely to snack/eat.
8. Water helps you think clearly. When the body is dehydrated your brain is less “foggy.”

Indications that you may need more water:
1. A sluggish metabolism
2. Not regular ( Depending on how much you eat, you should be having 2-3 bowel movements per day. If you are not going at least once a day drink up!)
3. Prone to acne
4. Crave sugar and other carbohydrates (drinking more water in conjunction with other detoxifying methods will help you rid the body of candida which can be the primary cause of sugar cravings)
5. Need to loose weight
6. Prone to edema, swelling, or holding water during your menstrual cycle
7. Adhere to a very physical lifestyle
8. Spend a significant amount of time outdoors in the sun
9. Have trouble concentrating (foggy brain)
10. Need to detox

Foods that promote dehydration:
1. alcohol
2. processed foods
3. white sugar and foods that are rich in white sugar
4. caffeine
5. regular sodas and diet sodas
6. Foods high in sodium/salt

Water is magic…have some!


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