9 Reasons to Start Pumping Iron!

The Benefits of Weight Training:
1. Overall strength: One of the primary reasons that people incorporate weight training into their fitness regimen is so that they become stronger. Gradually increasing the weight you work with will help you achieve physical strength. Start off with something you can handle, and then weekly increase your weight by two and half to five pounds.
2. Stabilizes joints: When the muscles surrounding the joints are strong and healthy they help keep our joints in their proper place, and we are also less prone to injuries.
3. Protects bones, tendons, and ligaments: Muscle with great tensile strength is like “insurance” for our bones, tendons, and ligaments. The added protection can help offset bone breaks, and tendon, and ligament snaps! Don’t forget to stretch!
4. Increases flexibility: Believe it or not, healthy muscles are flexible. They are not supposed to be tight and hardened. They may visibly appear that way because of the way they have been sculpted. However, if the muscle is healthy and NATURAL it will be flexible. Be sure to stretch after each weight training session! Get a massage monthly, and foam roll at least twice a week! For more information on foam rolling, read this!https://nadirahashakir.wordpress.com/2013/11/16/the-benefits-of-foam-rolling/
5. Speeds up metabolism: Weight training causes the muscle to become metabolically active, thereby increasing your metabolism at a faster rate than someone who just does aerobic activity. People who weight train in conjunction with a healthy diet are likely to loose weight/fat and keep it off versus someone who does not.
6. Assist in cell regeneration: Weight training breaks down tissue/cells and then the tissue repairs itself. Imagine the possibility of creating a whole new body by weight training at least 4 times per week, and eating immaculately…a new you!
7. Enhances neuromuscular control: When entered into consciously weight training forges the mind body connection, thereby, stimulating neurons in the brain and in the body.
8. Improves Bone Density: Health care professional suggest that women over 40 do at least three hours per week of weight training to help build stronger bones. It is said that after age 40 a woman starts to lose bone, and weight training is like preventative care.
9. Positively alters body composition: Most people weight train as a method of body sculpting. They do this to simple improve the shape or composition of their physiques.

If the Spirit moves you START PUMPING IRON! Wishing you inner and outer strength, Nadirah A. Shakir



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