More Than A Rose…More Than A Prayer


I don’t believe that any prayer goes unanswered.  I believed that our prayers are recycled back into the Divine Mind of the universe and delivered back to us as something greater and more in alignment than what we originally prayed or hoped for.

Everything is connected to the Source—Divine Mind—God, or whatever you wish to call it. Simply put, we are all a part of the Universe; and our plans and prayers are not the only plans or prayers on God’s table. Our prayers and plans are just an ingredient—a spice—-a nutrient—an appetizer—to the heavenly feast God is preparing for the entire Universe!

Our thoughts and our dreams are important, because they contribute to the energy of the race consciousness. Our thoughts, dreams, and prayers are circulating and creating every single thing that we see and experience in the world today—the good and the negative.

I was reminded of my belief last night as I started clearing and purifying my space. As I began clearing my prayer table I grabbed the dead roses that were upon them, with the intention to throw them in the trash. As I caught a glimpse of myself walking to the trash can with the roses in the mirror I had to pause. Then I walked up to the mirror with the roses in my hand. I held the dead roses up to my face and move closer to the mirror. The roses were still absolutely beautiful.

I examined them more closely. The stems were erect. The leaves were withered. The pedals were crisp, some were still soft; but what they all had in common was that they appeared to be bowing. Their bowing appearance was a state of surrender, humility, and acceptance to me. Another amazing thing that they all had in common was that the flower—their pedals still smelled so sweet. The soul of the roses lives on!

Then Spirit told me not to throw the roses in the trash can. Instead I should give them back to the earth for purification. So that’s what I did. It made perfect since, especially because the roses were a living thing. Mystics believe roses to be symbolic of the human soul. I could not throw them away! When an animal dies it goes back into the Earth. When a human being dies we put them in the ground or sprinkle their ashes over the sea. It’s all about recycling energy.

I look forward to the spiritual return of that energy! I am knowing it will be sweet as the fragrance of my roses! Dream, pray, think positive and plan. Just remember when things don’t go YOUR way, they are really going the way they should for the greater good.

Wishing you all the good the Universe has in store for you. Stay open. Even in your planning.

For more insights on Universal Connectedness you can read my memoir Before You Work Out, Exercise Blessings!


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