Love & Detachment

Love & Detachment

” I fall in love easily. It’s because I’m always there.”

To be in real love requires a state of detachment, a kind of openness which will ultimately lead to the understanding of oneness and our connection to the Divine. This is what is meant by unconditional love.

Many saints have come to the realization that God is Love, and they act and serve from this consciousness. They are able to be detached from their actions/giving and just serve, however and whomever The Divine has led them to.

What if we all understood that love is not meant to be griped and contained. Love is Spirit. It’s as close to you as breath; but it forces you to do nothing. It flows endlessly and effortlessly to all. Those of us who intentionally open ourselves up to love benefit from it’s magic in the most amazing ways. Those of us who are closed to it, are probably the ones who believe in love with conditions; but have no fear unconditional love will make it’s way to you also.

Unconditional Love and detachment fosters growth and trust. Anything that is smothered will eventually loose breath and die. When we approach love in a manner of detachment we allow Spirit to enter in and work in ways that we ourselves cannot.

Some of the best relationships between husband and wife, parent and child are built upon the foundation of detachment. Detachment does not mean that the people in relationships do not care for each other. It means that they trust one another and respect each other enough to allow each other to grow. Relationships that foster a healthy understanding of detachment are more likely to last, because the individuals involve understand that we all belong to God, and it is that “God-Head”—Divine Mind that keeps us connected.

What attaches us to someONE is where we are in consciousness, and where we believe we will always want to be. What keeps us there is often how we feel about our personal growth while relating to the individual.

Those of us who see and experience God in everything–people–nature—music–food—traffic—whatever, are the ones who fall freely into the rapture of love—the arms of God; and this is our only attachment.

Wishing you freedom and personal growth while relating to whomever, Nadirah A. Shakir

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My memoir Love pg 167,


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