What To Do When Your God No Longer Serves You?

God's light shining through

“If the God you serve no longer serves you, simply change Gods!” ~Nadirah Aqueelah Shakir~

I had an interesting conversation with some friends regarding God as an “idea.” The conversation took many turns as people tried to explain God. The conversation became even more complex as they described their beliefs and doubts about God. What I heard as I listened was, more than negating God, people were dissatisfied with how God was showing up in their lives. I empathized with them, because I have also experienced internal conflict regarding my relationship to God.

For most of us the conflict stems from our childhood religious belief and teachings, and our internal knowing. As spiritual human beings we have an innate knowing that God is more than we have learned It to be. When we experience God for our selves and it does not look, sound or feel like anything we were taught as children this can cause internal conflict to escalate. But wait! Before we sentence our caregivers, let us remember that they impart to us what their caregivers impart to them, and they were doing the best that they could with the knowledge that they were working with at the time.

However, let us go back to the original question, which is, what do you do when your God no longer serves. There are a couple of things you can do. You can continue to serve the God that doesn’t serves you, and continue to be angry and upset about coming up short. You can forfeit faith and God altogether and wing it in the world as best you can alone, or you can employ another God altogether. Personally I’ve done all three; but what I’ve discovered is that I work best and get my best work done when I have support—loving support—powerful support—healthy support—and wise SUPPORT.So my God, the God that serves me, and the God that I serve, are all of those things–Divine Love—Divine Power—Divine Strength—Divine Wisdom, and Divine Substance.

In every religion people find ways to connect with a God, or concept/idea of God that serves them, and they do this by calling God by that name, and then mentally and emotionally opening and connecting to that power/energy. In Islam there are 99 attributes of God. The Hindus have over 300 names/deities for God. Jesus felt a Father-energy from God, and called upon him as such. Ancient Egyptians take into consideration the feminine aspect of God as well as the masculine, and it goes on and on and on. The reason why it goes on and on is because God goes on and on, and we are expressions of that on-going PROcess. (More on this in a later blog)

In essence, changing Gods has more to do with changing your perception, and that starts with your mind which is connected to Divine Mind, i.e. God. You can’t change Gods, because God is unchanging. You can however, work with your perception (thoughts, feelings, and beliefs) about It.

Our perception of God dictates our entire experience in life. Here’s an example: A person who believes that God is a God of vengeance and jealousy will more than likely be fearful, and experience lots of “hateration”—envy. A person who believes that God is powerful and supreme will more than likely have confidence in his/her actions. A person that believes that God is omnipresent will more than likely be able to experience God where ever he/she goes. A person who believes in a God that favors and rewards meekness and humility will probably feel more comfortable in the background. A person who understands God as love will likely have a loving demeanor, and a person who believes that God is rich will probably be wealthy.

How do you know if you should change your perception of God? You will know if you need to consider changing your perception of God by asking yourself the following questions:
1. Am I happy?
2. Do I like where I am in life right now?
3. Is God my friend? Why or why not?
4. Does my God support me? How?
5. Does my God like me? Why or why not?
6. Do I like my God? Why or why not? What do I like or dislike about my God?

Ask yourself these questions, and answer them honestly. Try not to think to hard about the answers. Just write down what comes up and try to detach from inner judgment. For more on God in perception, and God as energy visit http://bookstore.iuniverse.com/Products/SKU-000141255/Before-You-Work-Out-Exercise.aspx, and purchase my memoir. You can find ideas regarding the feminine and masculine aspect of God in pages 4-7. Blessings!

God is as close to you as your very own breath, and It wants nothing for you but the absolute best.
Wishing you a wonderful working relationship with The Most High, Nadirah A. Shakir


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