Nadirah Heal-Thee Networks’ 4 Stages of Weight Loss Success

There are four stages of weight loss SUCCESS—key word success. I emphasize the word success, because it’s relatively easy to lose weight, but to be a weight loss success requires tremendous effort. Think of all of the quick fix diets out there, the extreme workouts, the surgeries and etc. The truth is, all of these things may work for a time, but the reason we start a weight loss journey is because we want to keep the weight off. Nadirah Heal-Thee Networks’ 4 stages of weight loss success are as follows and in this order: Mental, Nutrition, Physical, and Maitnence. You can read more about each of these stages in my memoir Before You work Out, Exercise, In the meantime lets go over the four stages here.

1. Mental- Our bodies can’t go anywhere that our minds aren’t willing to take us. So you must prepare you mind first so that your body can change. Ask yourself what do you want to look like. Start reading books written by the people who you wish to emulate as it relates to body image. Write down your goals. Do whatever it takes mentally to get the mental juices flowing up top first and foremost.
2. Nutrition- You can workout all you want, but there are certain laws of the Universe that cannot be disputed. The law of thermo-dynamics is one. If you eat more energy/calories than you burn you will gain weight. It’s as simple as that. Burn more calories than you eat, and the numbers on the scale will drop. My advice would be to eat foods that have a high nutritional value verses foods that have no nutritional value. Keep it simple and start there.
3. Physical-You have to move the body in the right way if you want to start to shift the energy, burn the fat, and sculpt and tone. A combination of weight training, cardio, and stretching to start is more than enough!
4. Maintenance- After you reach your weight loss goal you have to keep going. The same methods you stared to lose weight will have to continue if you want to keep the weight off.

Train with a goal, and once you reach it, keep going!

Wishing you the body of your personal dreams Nadirah A. Shakir Blessings!


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