Spiritual Dating for The Truth Seeking Single

You know Spirit will offer us many ways to learn life lessons. Spirit may be trying to teach you a life lesson through food. It could be your body or your health. Maybe it’s your finances or your life purpose. For many of us Spirits seeks to teach us through our romantic relationships. Our romantic relationships affect us the most, because they are often heart-centered. So when something goes array within our romantic relationships it takes us right back to center—our core—our heart space. Their is a wealth of information with in our heart space, and we can tap into that wealth of knowledge when we decide to become still, surrender, and listen. The energy with in our hearts is a culmination of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and experiences. This energy creates a vibrational frequency that circulates within us and transcends out side of us, connecting us and attracting to us other souls who either have similar vibrational frequencies or the spiritual energy/blue print that our soul requires for self exploration, and healing in this incarnation.

As a truth seeking single, I often take this philosophy into my dating life. Often times we cannot see ourselves objectively, and even when we can see ourselves we tend to ignore the less perfect aspects of ourselves and focus on the flaws and shortcomings of the people we are dating. By taking the Spiritual Dating philosophy on every date with you, you empower yourself because you are becoming aware of things that you might want to heal. Spiritual Dating for the truth Seeking Single in it’s simplicity reminds us that we are what we attract, and we attract to us the relationship we require at the time for further self exploration and healing.

Here’s an example of what Spiritual Dating for The Truth Seeking Single means, and how it can be applied for self empowerment and healing: Woman is asked out by man. Woman says yes because there is something about the man that she is very attracted to. Woman finds out that the man is a military officer. Woman is surprised by her attraction to an armed officer because she is a “peace advocate”. Man and woman date, and fall deeply in love. Woman is in conflict with her spiritual beliefs against war, and her love for her soldier. What should she do? If the Spiritual Dating philosophy is implemented in this scenario the woman can do a couple of things. The first thing she can do is a. continue to love her solider and remember that love heals all wounds, and is non-judgmental, b. tell the solider that war is against her spiritual beliefs and leave the relationship all together, or c. embrace and explore her own inner warrior or issues she may have regarding anger, rage, and forgiveness.

Spiritual Dating takes the superficiality out of dating and places the focus on inner work and self exploration which will ultimately lead to growth and understanding of self, which will ultimately make you a better partner if you so choose. So the next time someone ask you out on a date, shrug your shoulders and say yes if your are not busy. Allow yourself to show up exactly as you are, and realize that the person that you are dating is the person that you attracted so that you can heal, and grow, and learn more about yourself. Make Saturday nights count and date like a truth seeking single! Don’t forget to be present!



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