10 Steps To Fitness Success

Love and honor the body you have now. You have to honor where you are now if you want to move forward. I know it may be difficult, especially if you have a goal in mind that seems far away; but if you are gentle and loving to the body you have today you more easily open the way for change.

2. Create a realistic vision for the body that you want to achieve. Take a good look at the body you have now. If you know that you have put on weight with in the last year be honest about how much weight you gained. This will help you determine how much weight you need to loose in order to get you back to a comfortable place. Also be mindful of comparing yourself to other body types. This may not be healthy for your self esteem or psychology. Some things to consider to help you get an idea of where you should be can be your genetic makeup, bone structure, and any medical issues that may cause your weight to fluctuate due to hormonal changes.

3. Prepare daily affirmations and a blessing for your body and your fitness goal. You have to stay focused and keep yourself in a positive place during the time you are releasing weight. Our stressors make us eat. If we can direct our thoughts, and focus our energy on the positive results that are forthcoming then we are less likely to be distracted from our fitness goals when challenges arise.

4.Start to read and study modalities of exercise that interest you. No exercise plan is created equal. so find out what works for you. Not everyone can afford a trainer, and not everyone needs a trainer. Some of us are self motivated, but we just need a little bit of guidance on our path. This is where Google, you tube, and your public libraries come into play. Study and take notes and then take that information with you to the gym or the park!

5. Seek professional assistance. Having a certified professional vamp out a nutrition plan, and a workout regimen for you, PLUS be there for you to make sure you follow through will almost guarantee you results! If you have the means, and the tolerance for someone who will always be there to push you, Go FOR IT!

6. Solicit a friend. If you don’t have a trainer, a great friend who is highly motivated is just a good! Be sure to train though. No playing around during session! For more on friends and training read this:https://nadirahashakir.wordpress.com/2013/12/05/what-to-consider-when-soliciting-a-workout-partner/

7. Plan your workouts for weeks in advance. Having a game plan when you go into the gym or to the park will help you stay on track! Staying on track will help you achieve your fitness goal.

8. Prepare your food in advance. Take an easy day like Sunday and prepare your food. Even if you don’t cook everything on the same day cutting up and seasoning your meats, and prepacking healthy snacks will help you better prepare during the week.

9. Release distracting people. Not everyone will have the same intention as you to release weight, and while some people may be encouraging others may not. You will have to cultivate the inner strength to walk away, and watch them walk away as you stay focused on your goal.

10. Be consistent. When mental focus, preparation, and follow through, are employed you will reach your goal. If you want to maintain it though you have to keep going.

Train at your personal best, eat clean, and stay positively focused! Wishing you health and vitality in 2014! Nadirah A.Shakir


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