Practicing The Presence for Emotional Wellbeing & Personal Growth

“Be present, become the present, receive the present.” ~Nadirah A. Shakir~

Practicing the presence is about more than sitting in a silent room, and focusing on our breathing. Practicing the presence is focus and awareness. It’s a way of being—how one travels through life. Although meditation and deep breathing are catalyst for becoming present, cultivating awareness, and centering, true presence requires much more. True presence requires openness which is what deep breathing promotes. Meditation (depending on the type) fosters awareness and facilitates centering and grounding oneself.

Why would anyone want to become present? We practice the presence so that the precious moments in our lives don’t fly pass us as we jolt towards the future; and we practice the presence so our progression forward is not stuck in the past. The present moment is really all that we have to make any substantial changes in our lives. I once heard a cognitive professional say, “If a person is stuck in the past that will eventually make them depressed and stagnant. If a person is fixated on the future that will create anxiety, but if a person can learn to focus their attention on the present moment then they have the potential to create the life that they desire.”

For some of us the present moment—our present experience  may be undesirable. It may be something that is causing us lots of pain on an emotional, mental, or physical level. What do we do then? Do we stay with the pain? Do we stay present? The answer to all three questions is, yes, you stay present. You stay present with the intention to understand, and heal your current condition. Think about it. Would you want to take the way you currently feel with you as you move forward? More than likely you won’t, unfortunately though this is exactly what happens. People try to escape their current unpleasant conditions by acting like they don’t exist, and just “getting on with it.” And while they may jolt ahead a couple miles, guess what shows up in the future? The same pain they tried to escape a couple miles back.

Stay present even if it hurts, but employ the intention to understand the source of the pain so that you can do the healing work which is required for growth. Don’t try to bandage it and get going! Allow it to rise to the surface so that you can see what’s going on, so that you can heal it. What’s covered won’t get enough air to heal thoroughly. Being present with our discomfort doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable if we employ an attitude of gratitude regarding the experience, and relinquish the desire to control how things play out. This is where your openness comes in into play. If you are open to the present experience the Universe will provide all of the people, resources, and situations that you require to truly heal.

When we practice the presence, we become the present, and we receive the present that the Universe wants to gift us. How is this possible? This is possible because when we are present we are both open to Spirit and aligned with the Universe. This openness and alignment puts us in a state of receptivity. When we are receptive we allow others to share with us, and in turn we share with them energetically and otherwise. Practicing the presence puts you on the path of healing, self- discovery, and personal growth.

Be well with yourself. Learn from and release the past, look forward and plan for the future, and remember, the present moment is the true gift. Wishing you all the gifts of today, and all the blessings in every PRESENT moment that is sure to come. Nadirah A. Shakir


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