Release it With Love

“Release it/them with love and allow YOURSELF to be pulled forward and lifted higher”~ Nadirah A. Shakir ~


The new year is approaching rather quickly. As we ready ourselves for it’s arrival one of the most important questions that we should ask ourselves is, what do we want to release. For some of us, that what might change into who. That’s fine. The who and the what often carry the same energetic vibration, making it easier to distinguish what consciously needs to be released. For example: If you feel that you want to release your ex, what you are really wanting to release is the mistrust, and lack of communication. If you say that I want to release procrastination, don’t be surprised if people who are not supportive in your moving forward eventually depart. Every time we decide to release something we create room to receive something different.

Take a really good look at this past year 2013. Ask yourself what worked and what did not work. Look at your circle of friends, family members, employees, and business associates. Ask yourself, who do I feel confident about taking into next year with me. Be honest. Ask yourself why would you like these people to move forward with you. Ask your self why would you like to release them. Write down your insights. Take a really good look at your projects, goals, and plans. Ask yourself what would you like to build on in 2014. Ask yourself what would you like to leave in 2013. Write it down, and be completely honest. IF, there is uncertainty regarding who and what to leave behind and move forward with, don’t worry yourself. Just relax about it, and set the intention to release any and everything with love that no longer supports you in being your best self. Ask the Universe to help you make the distinction. Eventually all that is for you will reveal itself, and all that is not for you will reveal itself as well. Don’t be afraid to let go and embrace new opportunities, and relationships. This releasing, and embracing is what progression is about.

2013 was a very powerful year—a year of purification, and clarification for many. Let us take this pure energy and clarity into 2014 and blaze trails! Subconsciously we may be tempted to remain stuck, but making a conscious decision to release that which no longer serves us with love will assist us in moving forward.

I am wishing you a glorious, prosperous, love-filled 2014 and infinity! Release it with love, and allow yourself to be pulled forward—higher! Nadirah A. Shakir


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