Where There Is Happiness Healing Energy Flows


I was in Starbucks last night doing what I love and I ran into an old friend—a trainer who started his career as a trainer with me around the same time. We traveled together to set up PT markets all across the country. We worked out together, we ate healthy together. We ate bad together…blah, blah, blah. Anyway, the last time I saw him he had started this new job where he was a manager for another training company. He talked about his salary, how much he would be making, the opportunity for growth—moving up the ladder, blah, blah, blah. But when I looked in his eyes back then, it was as if I was looking through him. He was empty. That was the last time I saw him. I ran into him last night after about 7 years of him and I being ghost to each other, and he looked so good! He was glowing! He had lost about 50 pounds or so. I was used to his “body-builder” frame. Last night he looked…healthy! His skin was clear, his eyes were shinning and his smile was radiant. He excused himself from the meeting he was having to give me the warmest embrace. He even felt full of life! “So what’s been up?!” “How you been?!” We were both in the same field—health and fitness with a bit more experience and more credentials. He had a job he loved and it showed on his face! I saw it in his eyes! He looked so different I insisted that he explain where this glow was coming from. My long time friend had overcome leukemia! With a combination of eastern and western medicinal treatments he had overcome a terminal illness and he stood before me a healthy, vibrant, NEW man! He told me that he had started juicing, and even though he still lifts weights he does more cardio—something I tried to get him to do years ago. He said that he wasn’t with the “big-time” company anymore, but that he was working with Native American Indians on their sacred compound as their trainer! He said that he couldn’t be in a better place, and it showed. It really did. When I asked him how did get through such a process. He told me that he simply focused on the things that made him happy! I get it. I hope you do to.


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