Surrendering To Openness


Coming into this year I had no resolutions. That’s pretty different for me, because I’m a goal oriented person. I decided not to have any resolutions this year because I want to experience something completely different—miraculous even! I want to experience joy! I want to experience a free flow, of abundant everlasting joy and peace! (I accept this in my experience right now. Thank you God.) And because I accept this joy and free flow of abundance in my experience I realize that I have to move out of my own way—surrender my will (ego) to the will of the Divine. I have to let go of what I believe to be true about myself. I have to let go of what people know or think they know about me. I have to dis-associate myself from the opinions that people have of me—the opinions I like, and also the ones that I can care less about. As I surrender my will to the will of the Divine my past experiences, accomplishments, relationships, and even my dreams go right into the flow, that is surrender, and I allow myself to become open to the newness of life—a new life.

Reflecting on previous years I can appreciate how setting goals, being regimented, planning, and even “master-minding” for a particular outcome have all been helpful in my personal growth and development. Looking back I can count the accomplishments; but what if there is more? What if there was more that I could have been open to had I remained open instead of having tunnel vision? Our fixation on our dream keeps us lean of everything else that may be available to us. So this year I still have a vision but I am open to more than one way to bring it into fruition.


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