Divine Movement In Stillness

During a morning walk with my client, the river offered me the perfect opportunity to illustrate how the Divine continues to work even when there appears to be no action on our parts.

We’ve all experienced it—those periods of inactivity after so much activity has been disbursed. Either we simply lack the energy to make dashing strides, or we just may be unsure of which direction to take. Perhaps, we feel inundated, and we’ve silently declared that we’ve done all that we can do. Like the song says, “after you’ve done all you can, you just stand.”

Funny how this morning I really didn’t feel up to running with my client so I strolled along side of her, and when she felt the need to dash into a sprint I encouraged her by cheering her on and keeping her time as I stood by the river. When she had run out of my sight, I had taken sight of the beautiful still river on the side of me. I heard God say, “It’s okay to be still. I am still working.” As my client ran back to me. I shared with her these words, and she laughed at me, telling me that, that was an excuse for me not sprinting along side of her. Perhaps she was right. Who knows? What I do know is that as I looked carefully at the river it was as still and peaceful as the morning itself. However there were still ripples traveling quietly south the stream. There was still life, and there was still movement. The water was still traveling where it needed to go, by just remaining in the flow—not being resistant to the energy moving it peacefully along.

In life, there are times when it appears that nothing is happening at all. I’ve heard older people say, that’s when everything is happening. What I know to be true as an energy therapist, is this–energy is always being transferred, purified, and recycled. Whatever thoughts, deeds, prayers, or intentions that we put out as spiritual-human beings will go into the great flow of divine energy (race consciousness) and move things along. So let us do our best to be in harmony with ourselves and those amongst us.

I’m wishing you peace that cannot be comprehended by human understanding, as well as a free-flow of abundance that brings you more peace. Nadirah A. Shakir


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