Finding Happiness Everywhere


If someone were to ask me what it is that I’m good at, I would have to say that I am good at being happy—finding reasons and things that promote the feeling of happiness. I can only say that because I have been in situations that were unfavorable, but somehow or another and very quickly I might add I’ve gotten happy. The one thing that I can rely on, to pull me up and out of a funk just as fast as I fall into one, is remembering my connection with the Divine. In remembering my connection with the Divine, my spirit and my thoughts are uplifted and they instantaneously turn to a place that is holy and true. Those things are usually in nature—the sunrise, the moon, wild life, people, and the ocean.

I remember one day in particular I was in a really funky mood about something. I can’t remember at the moment, probably because whatever it was, was washed away by the sight of an infant. I was in line at the grocery store and this infant in the check out line just started giggling and reaching out for me. She was so hysterical that her parents had to turn around to see what the happy fuss was all about. When they saw their infant child giggling and reaching for a sweaty woman in a sports cap and muddy sneakers, they burst into questionable laughter as well. It was a happy moment for all four of us. A good belly laugh we all had. I remember taking the thought of the giggling infant with me all day long. But that’s something I’ve gotten good at—living in the moments and opening to the things that make me smile. What makes you smile? What warms your heart? Take time out to think about it, and write them down, and then find a way to do what makes you happy as much as possible.

I’m wishing you more moments that make you happy, people who make you laugh, and a life saturated in joyous experiences! Nadirah A. Shakir


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