Permission to Unfold & Open

I’m all for planning. I really am, but lately plans seem to be of less importance to me. What has been important to me has been opening and unfolding, letting everything that’s inside of me rise to the surface and come out. It’s scary, but when I gave it deeper thought then the real question was, what are you afraid of—who are you afraid of. When I asked myself those questions I got two answers. The first answer was: I’m afraid of looking stupid, then I’m afraid of looking stupid in front of people. Is that all? That was basically it. I was afraid that if I opened and allowed myself to unfold organically that I might look a fool in some way. I was also afraid of what my personal process of unfolding just might do to those around me. You know everyone wants us to be someone that they are comfortable around? God forbid your personal unfolding creates massive waves and shakes a stranded–stand still boat into movement!

So I sat with the thought and the feeling which was the fear that I might look stupid in front of people and that some people may be uncomfortable. Then oddly enough, I burst into laughter in the midst of my inner reflection, because I remembered how stupid I looked in the past when I decided to open, unfold, be bold, about something in my life. I also remembered the successes. Every time I decided to boldly unfold, success followed, and I also felt more free—truly healthy inside and out. It was true, some people raised their eyebrows and pointed fingers at the eccentric fashion of my opening. True, there were people who were uncomfortable but then it was over. And, as a result of my authentic opening—unfolding, I felt liberated, and guess what else happened? I was able to inspire another to feel okay about opening, and being themselves, and allowing all that beautiful light inside of them to shine.

Now, a get real note about unfolding—opening. It’s not always pretty. Sometimes it can down right ugly, messy, dark even. Sometimes, your personal opening—unfolding can, and will make others uncomfortable. So should you stayed curled up? Should you remain locked in yourself. No. You should unfold—and open anyway. My recommendation, would be (if you know what’s inside of you may not be considered pretty) to find a way to open anyway that is safe for you and those around you. Things like art help us to express just what’s locked down deep. Painting, writing, sculpting, spoken word, speaking out, dancing, drumming, humming, speaking to a professional–a spiritual advisor, praying, starting a fire and writing it all down and burning it up. It’s all good. It really is all good to open and unfold. The things that we hold inside magnify, and draw to us more things that will keep us bottled up. That’s so NOT what’s up! What’s up is our understanding the process of unfolding and the importance of finding more ways to open, and express our best and most authentic self. It would do our souls some good if we understood that we are not helping ourselves or anyone else by closing ourselves off, and locking ourselves in. Commit to the process of graceful unfolding, and then plan around that…I would say.

Graceful unfolding is giving yourself permission to open, and honoring what’s inside. I AM unfolding gracefully. I honor what’s inside. Blessed Be.



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