Stop Running From Shadows


Yesterday on my run I noticed my shadow. I always notice my shadow when I run, but yesterday it came with a special message. That message was that you can’t outrun your shadows. No matter how fast you run, you can’t out run them. So, you might as well stand in harmony with them. Standing in harmony with shadows means accepting those parts of yourself that you would rather keep hidden.
As I watched my shadow move to the left and the right of me, to the front and then behind me, there came another message. Your shadows are harmonious. They are obedient too. They move how you move. They do what you do. They do not come to embarrass you or put you under. Instead they come to shed light on where you just might be in life at any given moment. Our darkness is our light. It gives us insight, into the deeper aspects of self. For our emotional health, mental sanity, and even our spiritual development it would be wise to pay attention to our shadows so that we can gain a greater awareness of self. So ask yourself, what am I trying to hide. Ask yourself, what would I like to keep a secret. And while I do respect privacy, I understand how keeping secrets can function as piracy—stealing away precious hours, days, weeks, months, and even years of the treasure of life, toiling to keep secrets buried. Nothing stays buried forever. It either rises up to hunt you, or emerges as energy around you. Stop running from shadows, and find a way to stand in harmony with them. Breathe deep, and ask your shadows to work with you…to prosper you.

I AM harmonious. I stand in harmony with my shadows, and I AM prospered. Blessed Be.



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