Focus On The Source

” What’s on your mind is probably on God’s Mind too.” ~Nadirah A. Shakir~

I was having a conversation with my father the other day. I asked him why it seems like just when things are going great there seems to be one obstacle after another. He smiled so calmly and said, “Iblis (the devil) promised Allah (God) that he would come for the righteous doers from every direction. You are righteous doer, and Iblis is after you.” He shrugged his shoulders and proceeded to pit his dates. Okay, I’m thinking. So what am I to do? Before I could ask the question my father had already responded. Keep your mind focused on Allah (God) and the vision that he placed in your heart. Your focus on him, with continued forward motion will eradicate the ill will of Iblis (the devil). So I move forward, hoping that what I am doing is right.


I thought about what my father said. Although our spiritual beliefs may differ, I focused on the essence of his advice, and what I know to be true. The truth is, there is only one mind, and when our minds become fragmented and divided that is when Iblis—the devil—shayton—erroneous thoughts and beliefs have their power. Okay, so how do our minds become fragmented?  Our minds become fragmented when we take our focus off of God as the source of our supply and start depending on channelspeople—places—and “opportunities” as the way to come up when we have already been risen to begin with! We fall down when we forget who and what the source is, and that we have unlimited assess to God at all times.

Taking our focus off God, and putting our faith in people, places, and “come up opportunities” is where we trip ourselves up, falling down, and hitting our heads so hard until if feels shattered. We become scattered and frustrated, because our mental energy is all over the place…invested in the wrong things. The remedy for this is simple, but it is not easy (because there is so much BS vying for our mental energy at any given moment)—FOCUS ON GOD as the source of your supply and stay steady in THAT mental vibration. The things, people, places, and “comeups” that you require to do what you have to do in this world will be there, and they will be evident to you if your mind is focused on God. And, because your mind is not divided Iblis (the devil—shayton—erroneous thoughts and beliefs) will not be able to enter. After all the devil is a mind divided against itself, and if it (whatever IT is) is on your mind then it’s probably on God’s mind too, so God will work it out for you to do what you need to do.

I AM one with my Father God. My mind is his mind. My thoughts are aligned. I think right. Blessed Be.


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