Is it Time to Clean Up?


Instead of focusing on how you look. Focus on how you feel. I recently revamped my exercise and fitness regimen after asking myself that question. I felt lethargic, and aggravated.The energy in my body felt stagnant. The first quarter of the year had been swallowed up as I committed to meeting deadlines for projects that riddled me sedentary. In my sedentary state, my nutritional choices were poor—reaching for whatever was convenient, and tasty. Being up late night and consuming high carbohydrate meals and snacks packed on the weight in no time.


Because I enjoy body-breathing workouts, and healthy eating my body felt the effects of processed foods, and lack of movement rather quickly. So I decided to clean up my diet and intensify my workouts, and in no time I begin to feel like myself again—energetic—flexible—optimistic in tone. The truth is, the things that we put into our bodies affect our attitude and our health. What we put into our bodies also creates a certain energetic vibration. If we eat “junky” we begin to feel “junky”. When we eat good we begin to feel good. This desire to want to feel good is what prompted me to get back on track. The natural process is—what is in, comes out. This is true of both our thoughts and our food. So today I honor my body. I treat it respectfully by giving it the nourishment it requires. Blessed Be.

Because we are all beautiful, instead of focusing on how we look we should check in with our bodies to see how we feel.


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