Not Now…I’m Searching


Have you ever turned off your cell phone or another wireless device, and then turned it back on only to tap your fingers as it searched for a signal to connect? While you hastened to make your call, send your text, send that email, upload your video, or your pictures to Instagram or Face Book there was absolutely nothing you could do until a connection was made. A similar scenario is a dead battery. You may have the device, but it’s useless until it recharges. At best you can haul it around and look for ways to charge it. If you’re lucky you’ll just be able to plug it in somewhere nearby until it completely recharges itself. And then, there are those rare occasions where you simply cannot recharge it. It’s dead. It’s time for something new. I had a taste of this yesterday, and was enlightened because of it.

I had time to spare before my next session so I turned off my cell phone and parked underneath a near by tree to re-read the highlights in my study material. When I figured it was time for my next session, I reached for my cell phone to check the time. I forgot that I turned it off. So I turned it back on, some what anxious to know the time, concerned that I may now be late. I swiped the home screen repeatedly, thinking that would speed up the connection. Though the phone had powered on, it was still searching for a connection. So, although I saw that it was exactly 1:00 pm, which was the time of my appointment, I could not text message her to let her know that I was just five minutes away.The home screen was frozen, because it was still “trying to connect.” Just as the connection was made, with only one bar left, it powered off. I arrived five minutes behind our scheduled appointment time, but five minutes early on Spirit’s time, as she was just saying good bye to visitors. I sat at our usual meditation spot and waited for her to join me. Then the thought occurred, there’s nothing you can do but wait while someone is searching for their connection. While this thought derived from my earlier technological experience with my cell phone I could also see how it applied to people and life.

If we take this example and apply it to people or ourselves then we can understand why patience and trust are essential, and why finding our purpose in life will always heighten our awareness with source energy. All of us have had or will have a friend or a loved one that we’ll want to reach out to help or connect with in some way. It may appear that this individual is unreachable. If we can step back and depersonalize our attachment, our agenda, and our expectations, for this individual then we can see that this person is trying to find their connection, and may be dubious about the signals.

A person trying to find their connection–purpose–spiritual calling, may show up as a someone who is unemployed–between jobs–ill–struggling with addiction–mean or crass, forlorn, tempestuous, depressed, anxious, or cumbersome in a plethora of ways. If we can recognize that they are souls unfolding, working out their soul impediments–channels who are uncertain about the signals that they are receiving from source then we are keener in assisting them on their journey as they connect with their purpose.

Some of us will have the privilege to be a benefactor to those around us who are searching; but the reality is their connection will be made on their own time and at their own will. The innate penchant for many of us is to keep tapping the home screen, to keep turning the power on and off, to keep changing the outlets, to keep insisiting and persisting; and what does that do? It runs our batteries up, and eventually they die, and cannot be recharged so easily.

If we want to reserve energy it would be advantageous to give them space to roam, figure things out, and search until they find their connection. Offering them tools such as books, workshops, classes, websites, and other positive affiliates may help them recharge, and reconnect. If our connection is strong enough, temporarily we can act as a “carrier” for and of them while they are on “E,” until they can refuel themselves again. The one thing to remember is that when a person is searching, you must be patient, insisting will prove to be inconsequential until a connection is made.



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