3 Things A Beautiful Day is Made of

Have a “BEAUTY-FULL” day.(-: Here’s a couple ways to make sure you have such a day: 1. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Smiling makes everyone full of beauty. 2. Spend some time admiring your favorite creation in nature, the sky when the sun is own it’s way down, you know when it’s purple, pink, and blue, green grass, people in love, the ocean rolling within itself, or if you still have snow, watch it sparkle when the sun light hits it.(That’s a new beauty for me(-:) God is the most elaborate artist. (-: 3. If you’re around them watch children playing. To witness a child lost in play is one of the most beauty-filled experiences you can have today. Your heart will open. You will smile, and you’ll probably remember the times when you laughed and played as a child, thereby filling your mind with even more beauty-filled memories and opening your heart to pure joy. Have beauty-full day. It’s out there waiting for you.


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