A Inch of Kidness Goes Miles

Yesterday morning someone asked me to do something that I didn’t want to do. So when she asked me, I asked her, had she asked anyone else to do it. She had, but for whatever reason they couldn’t do it, or didn’t want to do it, or had done it before and thought it was fair that others volunteer. It was fair, and I was one of the ones who had not volunteered yet. I was being selfish until I realized just how volatile the situation would become had I not done what was asked of me. So huffing and puffing, kicking and uttering profanities under my breath I got dressed to get ready for the task.
When I went into the bathroom to wash my face. A quick glimpse in the bathroom mirror at my distorted face, told me just how big a deal I was making out of nothing. So then I smiled at myself, and remembered what my mother had told me a while back. “Whatever you do, do it in love. If it’s not hurting anybody and you can find the least bit of good in it, just do it. Think of yourself as being obedient to Allah (God) not the person.”
So I readjusted my attitude, and took my mother’s advice to heart. As it turns out the task that people normally complain about was actually pretty easy. It also turns out that I didn’t have to do much of anything. Literally, I was told that I could return to sleep. When I woke up to complete the second part of the task…miraculously or not(-;, it had already been done. I smiled again. Then I enjoyed French toast, cream cheese AND syrup! conversing with people who I might not ordinarily converse with in my regular day to day.
All day, the sweetness of that morning lingered. That was my attitude…be sweet. If I saw someone doing something and they needed help I simply extended a hand, and all day hands were extended to me.
It was a really good feeling. In addition to that, something else occurred to me last night, and it is, when we are willing, as opposed to being willful, we invite a greater presence—God’s Grace. I’m okay with that.(-:


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