Treasured Gifts…The Things Unseen

It’s an American tradition to receive gifts on our birthdays. Most times they’re material, and wrapped in colorful paper; and given to us by family and friends either in private or at a party. (-: There are those times though when you just wake up on your Birthday (anniversary on earth day) and you just feel gifted. You feel rich. You feel optimistic, and you feel ready to gift (give) the world! That’s how I feel today; and I feel blessed even more because this IS a natural feeling for me…all praises be to God. I always thank my Heavenly Creator for the spiritual gift that He has given me, which is to be able to see God-the-Good in just about everything, and find blessings in adversity. Sometimes it takes some doing, but I’ve committed to doing it just the same. (-:
Something special happened to me this morning—I completed the reading of the Quran. I did it before dawn; and the beauty of that is that I’ll be able to integrate that knowledge into the knowledge that The Heavenly creator has already blessed me with. After reading I had time to pray, and I performed my prayer in the traditional way of the Sunni Muslim. The way my parents taught me when I was young.
The gift of reading, praying, then contemplating brought forth yet another gift—a revelation or a realization if you will.(-:
I had been reading the Quran, and was having difficulty understanding why Allah (God) makes mention continuously about giving God a loan. The Quran speaks of giving God loans in various context. I kept asking myself how can I give God a loan. Me, give to the almighty??? If anyone has read the Holy Quran they know just how repetitive it is. I kept reading despite my confusion. Then finally this morning when I was down to my last pages in the Quran, Allah (God) blessed me on my birthday to understand just what He meant!!! It was there in surah (chapter) 74 Al-Muzzammil (The Wrapped One) Ayat (verse) 20 that it was finally revealed to me. Here it reads”…and be constant in prayer, and spend in charity, and give to God a goodly loan. For whatever good deed you send on before you for your souls, you will find it with God.” Before I go forth I just want to place emphasis on the fact that it says, “YOUR souls.” No matter what you give or how you give, inevitably you’re doing it for you. So there it is. Our actions, deeds, gifts, words, resources, time, energy, our LIFE…our very birth…MY BIRTH! are all for God. We loan it…whatever it is, to him for an appointed time, just so he can give it back to us, often times with interest, pressed down and running over…you know(-; And, it’s not surprising that God returns what we have loaned Him with interest when we come to Him! For our renewal, for our energy, for our WHATEVER! If you can wrap your head around the idea of you rolling up all that you are and all that you have into God and coming out again, I’m sure you’ll see yourself as new…renewed, and full to the brim with more to gift…I mean give.(-: All praises are to my Heavenly Creator for deeming me worthy to gift! I look forward to gifting all year long and to Infinity!!!(-:


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