Becoming, Freely

This 30 Day Wellness Challenge is a true blessing. It’s caused me to pull my energy in and sit with myself. Because this 30 Day Wellness Challenge is not “goal-oriented” I have the opportunity to explore the depths of my feelings. Selecting foods that are healthy for my body, while also paying attention to the intuitive nutrient needs of my body gives way for energy to flow freely with in me. A free flow of emotions, thoughts, and even sporadic action brings me one step closer to my sacred place.

The authenticity is the beauty of the 30 day wellness regimen/challenge. I have only to allow myself to be carried by grace, keeping in mind however, the intention to be disciplined. Nothing is completely right, and nothing is completely wrong. After action is taken there will be an inner feeling to proceed or yield. The sequence of events that follow the action are a perfect indication of what you should do…or not do. The sequence of events will clarify the direction. Now, in this sacred place of surrendering freely to our inner flow, we have to be cautious of the things that come knocking at our door, literally and figuratively. We should even pay attention to those things that WE invite into our experience ounce we have connected with this knowing.

Some things show up to support our highest and purest intention and vision for our lives. Unfortunately, the ugly truth is, some things show up to derail us, and pull us straight off the path. It’s no worry though. Everything that shows up outside of us, comes from within us. They emerge from the deepest, darkest, most suppressed and oppressed places with in us. It serves us to know and own this, so we don’t have to be afraid. Instead we can look at whatever shows up…square in the face, and tell it, thank you or no thank you and then proceed in the direction of our truest, highest place.

Personally, I’m making it a practice, to allow everything in me, to gracefully, rise to the surface. What moves peacefully with in me I will keep. What causes unproductive, destructive commotion with in me, I will discard and continue on my way. I am on my way to my “true north”, and I will not allow the disharmony within my own-self bind me to mediocrity. The lock and the key is with me. I choose to be free.  


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