Sing into the Heart of the Angry

Last night I was put into a position where I had to talk to a confrontational person. I do my best to avoid the person at all cost because I know just how volatile the individual can be. Last night there was no avoiding the situation or the individual, not if I wanted this morning to go as beautifully as it did. So I went to the place where I would have the conversation with the person who was known to flip out.

When I got there, I had about 20 minutes to myself before we would meet. The night air felt so good, so I decided to step outside and wait. I sat on the hood of my car and began to chant one of my favorite surahs. I chanted out loud, not loudly, but aloud, just enough for me to hear myself, and just loud enough for me to believe that the surrounding angels heard me also. As I chanted, I thought about the situation, and the person who was known for their volatility. I began chanting to the heart.

When the person pulled up, I asked did they want to go inside, or did they prefer to stay outside. The volatile person let me decide. Naturally I stayed outside. As I began to bring up the subject that we came to address, I could feel a subtle tension in my stomach. Then I saw a similar tension on the face of the person. The wind blew toward my face and breast and without thinking a released a deep sigh. The person sighed also. We made eye contact; and in this persons eyes I saw fear. Perhaps we were afraid of each other; or maybe the situation was just uncomfortable.

So, while looking the individual in the eyes I remembered and then affirmed something I read earlier that day. Perfect love cast out fear. Silently I affirmed it for the person. Silently I affirmed it within myself, and like that, a situation that could have become a heated one was suddenly cooled by the love in the night’s wind.

We embraced each other, and I was given what I requested with all the love, graciousness, and empathy that I had ever seen this person muster. I was so happy, and to my surprise the person was happy also. By their own testimony, that’s exactly how they wanted it to be.

“There is no need to run from or avoid confrontation. Just take love with you. Some things will never change if we don’t confront them.”

Peace & Blessings


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