Fitness for Life

I didn’t have to think twice when my manager asked me if I could work this weekend. Deep down inside I wanted to. I wanted to check out the tone of the club during the weekend anyway. I wouldn’t work Friday though. That was my “selfie” day. Saturday was beautiful. I got a chance to work with two of my favorite service team members, it made the seven hours fly by, plus the day was productive. Almost every guest that came in decided to make health and fitness a priority.

The highlight of Saturday was a couple who came in to restart their health and fitness commitment. They brought in their two sons with them, so naturally they wanted to partake in the kids club membership for the boys. After we tallied up the dues for their start up fees and monthly dues the father looked at his wife. The wife showed no mercy. She was ready to start, and literally commanded me to swipe her husbands credit card. I obeyed.

Then she looked at her stomach, and her husband put his hand on her stomach as his face began to beam from his golden smile. She burst into laughter after admitting that there just might be another baby on the way which meant that her husband would definitely have to re-tally the family fitness fees in the near future. I couldn’t help but laugh, as their two sons were going bunkers already, excited for the kids club.Then she told me the story of how her and her husband had been trying for years to have children. They tried various medications and medical procedures with no luck. Then one day they joined the gym. They changed their diet moderately, and they worked out five to six days per week. They both lost weight and lead relatively healthy but very active life styles. In less than a year she was pregnant with her first son, and not even a year later she was pregnant with her second.

Stories like that came pouring in until I clocked out, and it just reaffirmed my belief—health and fitness enhances peoples lives. I felt blessed to be apart of that.

The wonderful thing was, this wasn’t the first time I heard the very same story. In my first book “Before You Work Out, Exercise, I wrote a similar story of a couple trying to conceive who could not. After about six months of training she was pregnant also. The list goes on  up until today of women who decided to make their health a priority, and are now happy mothers. Earlier this month I went to a company meeting and one of the featured stories was about a trainer who trained a woman who was having trouble conceiving. After training for a period with her trainer, she conceived also.

I know that body is a servant of the mind. It really is. So the fact that these people’s lives began to change after they start training is not a surprise, it is only the result of their decision to change their mental attitude about what is possible for their lives. The amount of mental fortitude it takes to decide, and stick to a wellness regimen is no easy task; but once you began to do it, the possibility for more positive things to occur in your life are endless. This is because your mind is now aware that you can in fact do what you once thought was impossible.

“Mind over matter—Your body and your life are the matter.”


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