Exercise, Emotions, Energy


The one thing that has been a constant as a result of regular exercise, is elevated mood.

If you feel stuck in an emotional rut, get moving. Find an exercise modality that suits you.

Try the following exercises if you find yourself in these emotional states:

  1. Run to get happy.
  2. Try yoga or tai chi to quiet an anxious mind.
  3. Take a kick boxing class BEFORE you kick someone’s a$$!
  4. Hit the weights if you feel scattered, confused, or want to cultivate more discipline.
  5. Dance if you struggle with body image issues, or low self esteem.
  6. Try sprints or plyometrics if you feel like you want to power up.

Exercising moves energy. Decide where you want to go, or how you want to feel, and use exercise to help get you moving.



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